With a menu filled with Italian regional specialties, Grappa’72 Italian Restaurant provides fine dining, in a casual setting, at affordable prices. Come enjoy the “best qualities of traditional Italian and modern elegance.”

I want to show the true roots of Italian cuisine from every region of Italy.

Armond Lule, Owner

THIRTEEN YEAR Anniversary of Grappa ’72

On Sunday, April 6th, it will be ten years since we served our first glass of Grappa.  We would like everyone to know how much we deeply appreciate your help in our endeavor.  Without you, we could not have made it this far in our journey.  We look forward to many more years of wining … Continue reading “THIRTEEN YEAR Anniversary of Grappa ’72”

Grappa: Pomace and Passion

Man struggles to find a better marriage than that of wine and grappa. Born out of the remains of the winemaking process, grappa uses the distilled flavors of grape seeds, stalks, and skins to create an immaculate spirit. Like Eve born of Adam’s body, grappa is born from the art of winemaking, and the two … Continue reading “Grappa: Pomace and Passion”